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The chapel of Ai Symeon within a magnificent Mediterranean nature

~ Natasa Litsaropoulou


Agios simeon 0


On the eastern side of Mount Ison, along the Corfu - Paleokastritsa road at an altitude of just 170 meters lies the traditional and well-preserved settlement of the Doukas. A village with a history of at least four centuries .. From the entrance of the village, a road with stunning panoramic views will take you to the hill of Agia Anna (2 km of asphalt) and to the "meteor" chapel of Ai Siemi always in a stunning Mediterranean nature .


Agios simeon 1


Perched on literally on a hill, you find yourself in a unique scenery for Corfu on the red rocks (the red-rushing as the locals call it). The view both above and below the rocks is amazing. The first time I went to Agios Simeon is many years ago and then the access was difficult because there was not even a road just a path with soil and many stones and very uphill I remember we had done about 2 hours to climb but the view When we arrived was a breathtaking view that literally takes a breath away.


Agios simeon 2


The route to Agios Symeon offers a panoramic view of Corfu through the tranquility of nature and the joy of the soul when you reach the chapel that stands on top of the redhead. On the one hand, the majestic Palaiokastritsa and the bay of Liapades, on the other hand the whole meadow to Corfu town.


Agios simeon 3


Finally, it is not at all accidental what they say that the best houses with the most beautiful view of God ... all chapels and monasteries are always in the most beautiful places with the most magnificent view.
Agios Symeon is my retreat one of my favorite places in Corfu, you and God, you and the sky, peace and taxonomy flood my soul whenever I am there.
The nakedness sees the sky.


Agios simeon 4


The chapel was an old church of the Mamalian village of the area destroyed by pirate Haireddin Barbarossa during the siege of Corfu by Sultan Souleiman. There are two traditions for building a chapel, according to which a picture of Saint Symeon was once downy, but left the bride's home and returned to the original place in the family iconostasis, until sometime it was lost and after some time Was found in the location of the church.
The other is known to the elders of the village. According to her, some Liapaditisses (women in the nearby village, Liapádes), who were climbing up to the woods, saw from a distance at some point a flickering light, and by the way they discovered the image of Saint Simeon and took her home. He returned to the same place he found and believing the divine sign built the church.

You even mention that during the construction as the cherry went to the craftsmen fell down holding the tray with drinks on the cliff. But neither did anything, but even the drinks were spilled, it was attributed to the miracle of the saint.


Agios simeon 6


On the edge of the cliff at the chapel of Agios Simeon, where the landscape reminds a bit of Meteora.
Tip: winter and autumn are appropriate seasons to climb the chapel because spring and summer have enough snakes the area at some points of the ascent there are lithic and natural is there to meet and some reptiles.


Olive groves, lush vegetation, thyme and oregano smells and sage and oxygen too oxygen.
And the feeling when you get to the top unique, the view as if you are in an airplane and the eye does not greet green and blue in all its shades.
If you are not a long walk take the car until the end of the concrete road and then walk a little up the chapel, I prefer all the way to walk it has the charm of waking the senses.


Agios simeon 7


In downloading the only sure thing is that you will be hungry so there are many cafeterias in the picturesque square of the village with nice food although I prefer Mrs Elizabeth's coffee shop where she cooks the classic Corfiot paste with macaroni thick as described by her Sulena.


Agios simeon 8


Do not forget to visit the renovated stone mansion of the Theotoki family, the Venetian "saturdos" of the Quartan, the Korangi house and the newest (end of 19 - 20 century) but a beautiful building of the primary school at the entrance of the village Which has its own history in the years of the Second World War.


~ Natasa Litsaropoulou


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