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The enchanting Dragon ... discovering the hidden beauties of Corfu!


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The enchanting Draper ... Cape Drastis - Corfu

A landscape unique, beautiful, imposing, seductive, virgin, immaculate and at the same time wild ...

The Cape She chewed me ...

Akrotiri drastis kerkira peroulades 0

... through a guided tour over time, to a place of natural beauty that's worth discovering!

Northwest Of Corfu in the area of ​​Corfu Peroulades You will find yourself at The majestic spectacle of Dracos.

Away from crowded beaches, with your companions and the sounds of nature and the sea.

Akrotiri drastis kerkira peroulades 8

Admiration and awe seeing the coastline ... precipitated sedimentary layers and clayey rocks formed a mountain range along an endless coast that starts from Sidari And it reaches it CapeThe Long, Up to him Saint Stephen While the passage of time inherited us Actor, A great impressive rock that stands like a pyramid of midseason and smaller islets to frame it ideal for moments of absolute relaxation and day.

Akrotiri drastis kerkira peroulades 4 CorfuWall Application - Android & iphone

Turquoise, blue, blue, transparent, puddle and crystal clear waters ... wherever you look at a rock or sand, it invites you to where you stand to swim, you will find something to admire ... in a place of unparalleled beauty and value!


view the Diapounda Islands And the islet Crossing..and one of the finest Sunsets Of your life.

Akrotiri drastis kerkira peroulades 6

Feelings and experience are those you hardly describe ... it is from these situations in which you just had to be there!

Useful information

So take the road to the village Peroulades (About 40 kilometers from Corfu), and once you reach the main square, a sign will take you right, where after 500 meters on a dirt road - full of wonderful stops to collect photographic material, you will find yourself on a street full of vegetation where Will lead you to the haven of his paradise Chastis of Dr.

Akrotiri drastis kerkira peroulades 1


There you will find Michalis with her boat Where you can arrange your own trip, A canteen with infusions and some sun loungers. Please address to Cape drastis boat rental For more information or on the phone 6931868844

Akrotiri drastis kerkira peroulades 2

Ο Bay Impressive ... natural clay loungers have formed a perfect point of exploration and unique beauty.


All the excursion suitable for snorkelling, While the more daring will find caves and creeks to discover. The Cliff jumping Requires special knowledge and attention, as the waters surrounding the rocks are shallow.

Akrotiri drastis kerkira peroulades 17 CorfuWall Application - Android & iphone

Akrotiri drastis kerkira peroulades 18

In the region of Distras grows kristad, wild ragweed and garlic, and if you are lucky you can succeed on your trek and sea turtle and dolphins.

In May, the Dragon fills with seagulls and enchants with its uniqueness.

Equip yourself with the essentials and relax in a unique landscape.

Akrotiri drastis kerkira peroulades 5

Akrotiri drastis kerkira peroulades 9 CorfuWall Application - Android & iphone

The area untouched by tourism, just by boat, you can experience this excellent experience with the businesses of the area, apparently respecting their place.

Excursion suitable for families with older children.

More information about Peroulades and the surrounding area can be found in the tribute A small paradise ... Peroulades'

Please address to Cape drastis boat rentalFor more information or on the phone 6931868844


Good Adventures!
~~ MA ~~


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