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A small paradise ... Peroulades


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Northwest of Corfu, At a distance of 40 kilometers, you will meet them Peroulades, A magical area toSunset Beach, Akrotiri Beach and Canal D'amour.

The village of Peroulades With an architectural heritage from the Venetian era is worth a walk. The small village with some beautiful Venetian mansions, high portaits and tall pens remind of old times.


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The central square with the school and the cistern is imposing.


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Walking along the road you will see the remnants of the house of the poet's ancestors Andreas Kalvos, Son of a Corfiot officer of the Venetian army, who lived on the island from 1826 to 1852.


Passing through the road that crosses the village you will end up in a large dirt parking area and in one of the most impressive and beautiful beaches in the north, Sunset Beach in Longa , Known as the Sunset!


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Steep, sedimentary layers and clay cliffs make up a landscape of unparalleled beauty.


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View The Diapontian islands (Othoni-Mathraki-Erikousa) and one sunset breathtaking!

A downhill path and a few steps later, you will be at the sea with stunning views.


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Η beach Small, sandy, deeply smooth, but unfortunately the days with strong air are covered by waves and almost disappear.

Fine sand mainly from Clay sediments Offers one of the most natural spa, the Allergy therapy, Known for its detoxifying and beneficial properties.

Soak a piece of clay, and apply it to your entire body, face and hair. Let it dry and rinse. The results are fantastic, leaving a velvety glowing texture on your body.

In the area of Peroulades, You have the opportunity to also discover it Akrotiri, The brotherly beach of Longa, of exceptional beauty and natural beauty, where nature has fun, created natural loungers. The turquoise waters, blue and crystalline and the whole area untouched by tourism.


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A dirt road leads to where you can go by boat or even swim (the most daring) until Cape. The characteristic large rock and the smaller islets surround it ideal for moments of relaxation, tranquility and enjoyment in the crystal clear waters.


It is also worth mentioning the famous and beautiful Channel of Love - Canal D'amour Which is also located in Peroulades. Nature again created an idyllic area with unique rocks forming a series of bays and canals. The colors are wonderful, shades of yellow and greens on the tops. According to them Myths When a couple swim together in these waters, they will be together forever!

And once you have enjoyed unique landscapes, crystal clear waters and a great day, the 7th Heaven Café and Panorama Restaurant At Longa Beach will steal your impressions.


At7th Heaven Café- Barand Panorama Restaurant Everything is done in such a way that the sunset is a magical experience that you will always have with you - the moods remain relaxed, the music 'chill out' and the flavors of the Cocktails provocative, with fresh materials of season that George is preparing And his company.
At Panorama Restaurant You can enjoy tasty food, snacks and snacks next to a breathtaking view.


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Sight now Hot Spot of the area, The specially shaped glass platform of the store where you can take the most beautiful photos of your holiday.


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A unique space with every corner of its attentive to perfection will fascinate you with the quality it provides.


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1. On all the beaches mentioned you will find clay.
2. Do not leave unless the Sun has set
3. Take the most beautiful photos of your holiday
4. Access to all the beaches mentioned is difficult for families with children.
5. Check out the epic parties of the 7th Heaven Cafe Bar atCorfuWall.gr
6. The small small town where you can find 1 mini-market, 1-2 cafes and some taverns.


Good Adventures!
~~ MA ~~

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