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Strolling around the old town of Corfu


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In the canadas, the palaces, the forts. In the footsteps of the West, in the culture of the Ionian. If you are thirsty for sergeant, what better than the old town of Corfu?


Sergiani kerkyra 3

From the New Fort, to the Old. The sunless canyons of the Old Town and on the edge of the bell tower of Agios Spyridonos


Where to start? As if the longest point is premeditated to enchant. Every bench, every slop, every turn.


As a walled city began everything that you see. Impenetrable by the Turks, inaccessible. The bastion of Christianity on the northernmost island of the Ionian. The gate of the West at the entrance of the Adriatic.

The Romans, the Byzantines, the Andegai, the Venetians, the French, the British and the Russians, each put their own bitterness, and gave Corfu a multicultural personality.


A thousand two different cultures built palaces, formed consciences, sparked words and Corfiot habits with western air. Canadians in the canadas, Philharmonics in the palace, Petrin in Garitsa, Sofrito and Bourdeto in the kitchens. Unique performances and scents.

Made, say, not to remind in anything "Greece" what you are seeing. Magnificence, aristocracy, nobility and a title that says it all; from UNESCO, Corfu is proclaimed a "World Heritage Site"!

Old and New Fortress your only signs. And you just move between them, with all the senses in your wake. The creeps, bloody in Spianada, break the nose. Split up and down, the largest square in the Balkans was originally defensive. Now the crickets are played in the grass, the concerts are organized in the palace, the Lists arches remain the most cosmopolitan gathering point.


Sergiani kerkyra 4

From the New Fort, to the Old. The sunless canyons of the Old Town and on the edge of the bell tower of Agios Spyridonos


It caught you, now, to remember the Commodars, the Libro D 'Oro, and 400 years of Venetian rule - where 277 Corfiot families were the ruling class, were elected by the Grand Council.

Past glories. All the good pass by (ahead) from him. And everybody goes out! Colored and cracked, Corfiots and tourists, as if one can not fill the unparalleled cultural marriage.
The (built during the British domination) Palace of Michael and George on the one hand, the first (Venetian) blocks of flats in Greece on the other. Keramotics, fine-grained, red-ocher and ocher the colors of Corfu - a dense mass up to five floors high.
They are so close-fitting that balconies can no longer fit, the clothes hanging over the head, an image that you learn well in Corfu. To be safe, it was important, they did not build in width, but in height, they nestled within boundaries, the most could be nestled between the two forts.


The melody of history
Even if you can pass from some slopes - breaths (and sun) you want in the clearings and squares. Sterns and squares were the lungs of every neighborhood. Campbello, Jewish Quarter, Quarter of the Holy Fathers; a beautiful sergeant with inconspicuous borders.


Sergiani kerkyra 2

View to Muray and the city, from the New Fortress


Retailers, restaurants and taverns are entwined in the footsteps of San Giacomo - formerly Loggia dei Nobili, then a theater that hosted legendary operas, today's Town Hall. Get to the hub again. Until the Metropolis and the "St." chapel, where you have to stumble. (Agios Spyridon, you do not ask them in Corfu.)
They have a very personal relationship with their patron the inhabitants. It is indicative that each year 4 processions include his relic, always accompanied by a philharmonic. Pack go these two. Is true. Corfu is the saint and the music! The notes accompany each step, escape from all the "bands", listen to music wherever you are.


Sergiani kerkyra 5

The relief well of Kremasti, in the heart of Kambeli


From the Troubadours of Love who take the streets in their traditional costumes, the students (Musical Studies) within the Old Fortress or from the inside of the 4 (Corfiot) Philharmonic. 18 counts on the island. Deployed from north to south at 4 points on the horizon.
And if you're wondering how well-known Corfiots are famous for their music, it's simple: because from 1840 everyone was able to discover (and cultivate) their talent, everywhere and for free!


Sergiani kerkyra 7

The Philharmonic touches the streets of Corfu


However, the oldest of all is the Old Philharmonic, the "red", the first to play the "hymn" 1864, which by royal decree ended up being "national". Rightly, he recommends you to the "Philharmonic Society of Kerkyra" - at the first floor of the foundation - where all the richness of the musical tradition echoes behind glass showcases ...
World enters the world, comes to the Old Fortress, Fortezza, the architectural masterpiece of fortification that hosts a crowd at all times of the day - it is always open.


Sergiani kerkyra 6

Gate to time, the continuation of the palace arches


Up and down the bridge that crowns Kontra Fosa (the water trench) and basically turns it into an island. If you look low, count 160 and some fisherman's shacks. If you look up at its two peaks, two great Towers - the Tower of the Land and the Tower of the Sea - give it the name of Corfu.
Marble once again in the palace of Michael and George, the residence of the first English Maitland magistrate, made of Maltese stone, crowned with Doric columns.


The former headquarters of the homonymous knights, based on the Ionian Senate, the summer residence of the royal family, today hosts the Museum of Asian Art, and in the eastern wing of the Municipal Art Gallery. Well, now you recognize it. All their emblematic buildings continue their course in time - they reluctantly reuse them - they are monuments alive.
In the Palace Gardens, you drink coffee and watch Faliraki, Vido Island, Murayas, Pantokratoras Peaks.


And around you whitewashed statues mention those who brought with them the new breath ...
Marshal Schulenburg contributed greatly to the defense of the city, Lord Frederic North redeveloped the Ionian Academy, Lord Frederick Adam realized the aqueduct, and so on.


Busts, plaques, on every wall, on every canvas, show where this writer lived, what did the politician do ... Open book. Do not walk it! To read Corfu!


Source: Thetravelbook.gr

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