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Discovering the Great Lagoon Cave of Corfu


Corfu cave loutses gravia 18 CorfuWall Application - Android & iphone


Discovering one of the most importantCaves of Corfu, Of great historical and archaeological importance Cave of Loutsas.


Corfu cave loutses gravia 33


We drove to the village of Loutsa. The Loutsas, A small traditional settlement on the mountainPantokrator At an altitude of about 300 meters, hides one of the most importantCaves of Corfu.


Corfu cave loutses gravia 2


Corfu cave loutses gravia 15 CorfuWall Application - Android & iphone


The landscape mountainous, enchanting with all the aromas of Spring fill our senses.


Corfu cave loutses gravia 3


From the village of Loutses and following the signs, we turned left on the sign to the settlement "Reptiles" and 'Cave', Following a 2-3 rural roadside kilometer with mountain views, deciduous shrubs and stones, sheep and goats in the background, we were led to the impressive and touristy untapped Cave of Loutsas.


Corfu cave loutses gravia 11


A steep downhill path, approximately 100 meters, will lead us to the entrance Cave, Which is located in the depth of a cavity.


Corfu cave loutses gravia 10 CorfuWall Application - Android & iphone


Stalactites And dark geological formations with imposing walls surround us. Great chrysanthemum, bats, rocks, stones and moisture drip from the walls, to a place deserted, isolated and admirable.


Corfu cave loutses gravia 27


In the cave, the ground is level and walks relatively easily. Peace and awe in front of yet another miracle of nature in the uniquely beautiful Island of Corfu Which is worth discovering!

Corfu cave loutses gravia 30


Useful information

- At Loutsas, You can reach either the road from Kassiopi or Acharavi.

- Wear a comfortable shoe and be careful with the slipperiness of the ground.

- Take with you cameras, and the necessary (herbal teas, snacks) and good company!

- Follow the right alley / path to your descent into the Cave

- In the cave due to moisture ..., the temperature drops considerably.

- After your adventure in the Cave, a walk for a drink and rest on Loutsas Or in Old Perithia eIt is painful.


Good Adventures!
~~ MA ~~



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