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Children's Station "The Little Zouzounia" - Corfu


I am a big fan of «Little Zouzounia» is a specially designed area for preschool children (2,5 to 5 years) where η joyThe careThe autonomous creationThe game and learning coexist.


One of our station's innovations is the extension of operation to 9.00 pm


Our children's station comes to cover the need for an organized guarding and creative employment space for preschool children in the afternoon.


• Musculo-kinetics
• Music - song
• Theatrical game
• Art exhibitions - constructions
• Narration of a fairy tale
• Dramatization
• Gymnastics for children
• Emotional treatment


The child in the center of interest, a free person, a person, manages, observes, assimilates, expresses, interferes with things, experiences and feels his body, his soul, his soul.


Next to it, our teachers and colleagues are knowledgeable, cheerful and passionate about our children's educational system based on: respecting the child's individuality and deep communication with him.


Working Hours: 07: 30 to 21: 00


Afternoon Activities Program


that the zouzounia programma* The program is tailored to the needs of infants


Psychomotor activities aiming at the cognitive shape of the body, ambiguity, the development of thin and thick mobility.

Creative play (creative play): a natural way to perceive the child using the body and his imagination.

Environmental games: Through games and enjoyable activities, topics such as seasons, nutrition, nature, etc. are approached. with parallel activities of language and mathematics.

This expression through art with handicrafts, collage, painting.

Nurseries (messy play): Sensitive game that dirty !! The child explores materials such as yeasts, colors, natural elements, etc.


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Children's Station - The Little Zouzounia

Hellenic Hellenic Hellenic 7B
Tel: 2661049203


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