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Nymphs, Neraidochori, Corfu

Her Natasha Litsaropoulou


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They say that once in the Nymphs they lived a lot of good fairies and they are probably right, so the fairytale beauty is explained so that they also gave their name Nymphs
One of the most beautiful villages of Corfu and the places I love a lot.


Built at altitude of 200 meters, the Nymphs are located in the northern part of Corfu in the western part of the Municipality of Thinalia with 800 residents. In antiquity the area was called Neeridochori.


Nymfes kerkyra p1 Nymfes kerkyra p2 Nymfes kerkyra p3 Nymfes kerkyra p4


Tall cypress and olive trees, oaks and oaks surround the village and the only way to the Hermitage located just outside of it with nightingales to sing and the sound of waterfalls music to clothes to ride us.


Nymfes kerkyra 3


Sycamores, oaks and spindly trees that try to meet the sun ... a little fairy forest surrounding the famous hermitage dating to the first millennium, namely the myth of a hermit Father Artemio Paris coming in nymphs 5 century AD to He is fascinated by the forest and digs with his own hands the cave to be able to calm and pray - the Asketarios which today is a pole of attraction for walkers and not only.


The Asteria at the Nymphs is one of the places I love the most, one of the oldest Christian monuments on the island.


Nymfes kerkyra 8


A little further above Ascenario, the first Corfu Agricultural School of Corfu built 1932 and on the ground floor the old olive press, one of the oldest Christian monuments of the island surrounded by dense vegetation. The "goddess" for the monastery of the Almighty of Assistarion was the rock on the rock A Askerio, the monastery of 14 century, of which today we see the complex of cells, the katholikon, the warehouses and the old bath. Here you can imagine the stages of oil production, you see the wheel with the animals spinning, the iron press, the huge stone carved pelvis. And you wonder how many olives have been washed in there. The scenery is amazing beauty in a dense forest of cypress trees, pines, olives, chestnut trees, oak trees.


Nymfes kerkyra 9


After we reassure peace and tranquility we take the road of return, I always prefer to walk the way to enjoy the unique nature and head for the waterfalls.



The waterfalls of the Nymphaes are not the only ones in Corfu and there are others but I think they are the most impressive.


Nymfes kerkyra 7 CorfuWall Application - Android & iphone


After crossing the village we pass out of the local golf follow the dirt road for about a half kilometer and just reach the scene is magiko- waterfalls falling from a height of about ten meters rapids and a green ravine. Just a short distance away there are two smaller waterfalls and because of the rainy winters on the island, the waterfalls do not dry either in the summer.


Locals and foreigners are always enchanted and many Corfiot artists have been inspired by them.


Nymfes kerkyra 10 CorfuWall Application - Android & iphone


After our walk in legends and waterfalls we continued wandering the village's architecture tells the story, build arches, characteristic doors and jibes in almost all homes. Here is also the famous kumquat brought by the English agronom Merlin 1924 and every year the "Agrinthy" cooperative processes more than 140 tones mainly for export
Attitude here at the kumquat factory is a visit there, and the only thing to be sure is that we re-evaluate the kumquat and sweeten from the treats of the various liqueurs.


Nymfes kerkyra 13


The walk in the village of the Nymphs for me almost always ends up passing the other road, just after the village right after the last houses.


One of the oldest Christian monuments of the island, an excellent example of the Corfiot architecture of the countryside, as is the temple of the Crucified at the edge of the village.


Nymfes kerkyra 6


It is one of the two Byzantine cruciform temples throughout the island of Corfu !!! 1731 was built by hieromonk Anthimos Politis when he returned from captivity as he was kidnapped by Algerian pirates at the beach of Peroulades (northwest coast of Corfu). Before the temple was built, according to tradition at exactly the same point, there was an iconostasis and it was one of the four "doors" of the village ...


Nymfes kerkyra 4 CorfuWall Application - Android & iphone


On the way to Acharavi not forget if you want to continue for another such tour very close to slavishly Saints find the nunnery Pantocrator Kamarelas the homonymous source is an oasis of hospitality and tranquility. The sisters Filothei and Pelagia, along with the old Pelagia Grammenou, will warmly welcome you. The monastery was founded in 18 century, but the church dedicated to the Transfiguration of the basilica (19 century) and has this unpretentious Corfu style: Almighty the heavenly temple as the temple are both works of the famous Corfiot Dionysios painter Sughur.


Nymfes kerkyra2


Acharavi is very close and choices too many cover all tastes and moods for a coffee or a meal.


Corfu is all that and thousands of others through the eyes of those who love it. As Churchill once said, "cities and places are being created for us to create us in turn."


~ Natasa Litsaropoulou


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