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Kerkyra corfu popaganda 0


Here is not a simple province. Here is Corfu

Η Lina Roku Makes an erotic confession on an island that does not look like any other, like all our great passions.


They say you do not fall in love only with people. I do not know what's going on in general, but I've fallen in love with a place. That is, how else would I characterize my sentiment about her Corfu; Most of the time when I think of the island, I get tachycardia and nostalgia like the one you feel about the first kisses, you know where you wanted to devour the other, to be together on a bed was the only thing that tortured you. It's not just love, it's love, and I can see it every once in a while, as the boat approaches its harbor, and I look for Murayas, the neighborhood with the houses that lived in Ioannis Kapodistrias And the Dionysios Solomos (The first works as part of the Ionian University, the second as a Museum) and I feel like I'm calm, that everything will go well. Of course, all this feeling and light doses of illusion, otherwise what passion would it be? One of the most disturbing symptoms when several years ago, I say it and I justify it, I heard the crying in front of the TV screen that was playing "I owe a love of life" that Toli singles with Gerekos, and of course is filmed in Corfu. Yes I know. Let's get over it.


Why will you fall in love with Corfu and you?


For the afternoon walk from Anemomilos to the Old Town in Garitsa bay. In Corfu's "mallon", families, companions and couples walk by gazing at the view of the Old Fort, while the elderly ladies with their swimsuits have come out of the sea and, on the platform, they exchange the news of the neighborhood. Anchored near NOC (Nautical Club of Corfu) is the richest yacht, if you heard this year's madman shouting "Jude, Jude I'll come clean your boat and wash your feet off the sand"Looking for Jude Loh was not me, I clarify it.


Kerkyra corfu popaganda 1Walk to Garitsa bay overlooking the Old Fortress (RER)


For ice cream of Papagiorgi, Located at Nikiforos Theotoki, a canadian that starts from Liston. The patisseries are operated by 1924 across from the Sanctuary Tile and are now at its best. In the evening the ice-cream tail reaches out, but the children they serve are fast and you will not be late. The Italians praise it, it has a great variety of flavors, the best is the "kum kwat", you can be a freak and tourist, but Papagiorgi's kumquat ice cream is delicate and aromatic.


Kerkyra corfu popaganda 2Ice cream in Papayorgi



For Kardaki, A small beach drenched in the green, within the former summer palaces that are now open to the public. There is a stone dock where you dive into the deep, green waters, it is calm if you go early in the morning or afternoon after 19: 00 and it is the place where the poet Lorentz Mavilis wrote his poem "Lethe" and not only.


Kerkyra corfu popaganda 3Dive to calm, in Kardaki.


For Multiplex, Our most "own" bar in Corfu, in the New Fortress, where, among other things, Correiros (genuine children of the island) and Alexis Kalofolias of Last Drive played live. And for it Small Coffee, On his small "veranda", which will feature Corfu beer under the blooming pergolas and the most interesting people on the island. For the restaurant Benetsianiko Pigadi, At the most beautiful little square of Corfu, at Kremasti Square. Even if you are prone to seeing the square with the little lantern hanging in front of the church and the flowers that pop up from every wall and balcony and of course the marble Venetian well.


Kerkyra corfu popaganda 4The view from Little Coffee.


For the beaches of Rovinj With the cold waters, the very green and a small cave on the left, the Kerasia for the deep blue waters, the white pebbles and the calm of the bathers who are all with a book in hand, Santa Barbara with the golden sand and Myrtiotissa That you can enjoy the sea without bathing suits.


Kerkyra corfu popaganda 5Here is not a simple province (RES light)


For the pedestrian bridge that connects Kanoni with Perama. There you can get freshly baked corn and beer and sit along with other locals and tourists on the straight (also defined by the installation of lights coming out of the lagoon) landing of the planes. In front of you you will see the chapel of Vlachrena and Pontikonisi, behind you will be the airport of the island. From afar, you will see the approaching airplane lights getting closer until about 50-100 meters over your head to land.


I am not the first to have erotic confession on the island, nor the latter. They have already said with a lot of hearts Correct. Hydra.


Here is not a simple province / here is a dream life,
Here you slept
Here you do not hope in common happiness / here is the pleasure pain,
Here you were hurt too
Here we are asking for a new religion / here are the people gods,
Here you were worshiped



Source: Popaganda.gr