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Vassilis Papadopoulos - Introduction to the Magical World of Wine - Corfu

Entries are closed at 17 / 11 / 2017

You can call 6945120316 Costis


Wine Seminar - "Introduction to the Magical World of Wine!" - 19 / 11 / 2017


"Parivaar" in partnership with "JOY Wine & Spirits Consultants" invites you to a unique Vineyard Journey! Indulge in the magical world of wine through a seminar introducing the basic principles of wine.


Seminar Leader:
Vassilis Papadopoulos (sommelier - consultant)


Date & Time:
Sunday 19Number 2017 (12: 00 - 20: 00) including 40 minute break


Sailing Club of Corfu IOK CorfuSailingClub (Corfu)


The seminar is structured to address both "wine-loving" consumers and professionals in the field.


• Canadian Consumers

Wine-friendly consumers have the opportunity to get acquainted with wine or to enrich their existing knowledge about it. Wine is a company, it's fun, it's flavors and aromas. Meet it so you can manage it for yourself with more experience at home and at the bar - restaurant. Get a complete and meaningful knowledge about wine facts and make your everyday life more enjoyable!


Business: restaurants | hotels | bar | wine bar |

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to turn wine into a wine culture point of reference, a powerful marketing tool and a complex profit weapon. Educate your staff through the seminar and create the required quality "bridges" that are required between you and your customer. Only if your staff truly know the product of your business will be able to generate real sales. Upgrade your service and services. Maintain, save, manage and serve your product with know-how for greater efficiency. Strengthen brandname of your business and grow your clientele. Ask us for special offers - packages for your staff.

• Workers: waiters | F & B | bartenders | baristas | chef

Workers in the field have the opportunity to acquire a real know-how on wine by enhancing their resume as professionals in the field. Open new professional horizons in the field of viniculture and follow the modern, creative and constantly evolving profession of Sommelier.


Get a complete and meaningful knowledge of wine through an eight-hour journey of knowledge, enjoyment and fun!


Vassilis Papadopoulos - Introduction to the Magical World of Wine - Corfu




• What is wine?
• Influences that determine the end result in our glass
• Greek Wine Legislation
• Main 20 Greek White Varieties
• Asyrtico
• Moschofilero
• Malagasy
• Main 20 Greek Red Varieties
• Agiorgitiko
• Xinomavro
• Main Wine-producing regions of Greece
• Main Wine Producing Countries of the World
• Old & New World
• Main 15 international white varieties
• Chardonnay
• Sauvignon Blanc
• Main 15 international red varieties
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Merlot
• Syrah
• Pinot Noir
• Wine Legislation in France
• Wine Legislation in Italy
• The Wine Bottles
• Wine Caps
• The Ideal Cave
• Maintenance & aging
• Glasses of Wine
• Categorization of Wines
• Wine Types & Styles
• The Priorities in Service
• Serving Temperatures
• Opening the Bottle
• Serving Wines
• Transfusion - Decanting
• The sediment in Wine
• The Open Bottle
• The Wine List
• At the Restaurant - Bar
• Errors in Wine
• The Sulfites in Wine
• The Year - Wine Fruit
• Do you know that ...
• Frequent questions
• Wine and Calories
• Harmony of Wine Wine
• Wine Testing & Evaluation Technique
• Professional 5 Wine Tasting Test of different Wines
• Tasting 5 exploration of different wines with 5 different foods
• Granting Seminar Observations


For reservations, participation requests & more information and special attendance packages please contact us at: 6945120316 (Costis)
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parivaar.parivaar.1
Our site: https://www.facebook.com/ParivaarCorfu/

Available positions are limited and will be strictly adhered to.



Vassilis Papadopoulos - Sommelier • Consultant


Sommelier Vassilis Papadopoulos was born 1978 in the US has more than 16 years of wine experience.


Vassilis Papadopoulos - Introduction to the Magical World of Wine - Corfu


An official member of the Panhellenic Union of Oinohos has served the wine with many different roles - restaurant hall, winebar, wine cellar, consultant, educator, columnist etc.


He has worked with some of the country's most important restaurants, while organizing many wine tasting evenings with many of the most important wine producers in the Greek and international vineyards.


As a founder and president of a non-profit wineclub with more than 400 active members, he helped actively promote wine education in the country with numerous successful wine activities such as wine tasting and wine tourism activities.


He is often invited to take part in wine tasting wine tastings while 2009 was selected with 18 other sommelier from different countries to represent Greek Onoohos with articles of Greek wine reviews on a foreign website. Today he works as HeadSommelier at Monkwinebar - Restaurant and as an official partner at JOYConsultants.


Favorite Moto: Lots of so-called "wine experts" confuse elegance with snobbery ...



Sailing Club of Corfu IOK Restaurant - CorfuSailingClub


Corfu's Sailing Club restaurant is located in the old fortress and is operated by 2004. During these years he has established himself in the preferences not only of the Corfiots but also of the visitors of the island.


Corfu Sailing Club IOK Restaurant - CorfuSailingClub - Introduction to the Magical World of Wine - Corfu


Mediterranean and Greek dishes, seafood and fresh fish combined with a stunning location are undoubtedly an excellent meal proposition.


Corfu Sailing Club IOK Restaurant - CorfuSailingClub - Introduction to the Magical World of Wine - Corfu


Sailing Club of Corfu IOK Restaurant - CorfuSailingClub

Old Fortress, Mandraki Corfu, POI
Tel: (+ 30) 2661038763 & 6932107971



kava diapon

From 1980 to the present day, Cava Dia is a prominent place in the beverage and wine trade.

Our longstanding presence in the Corfu market is the greatest proof of our credibility and experience.
Our Kava has a wide range of products (over 7.000 codes) to be able to meet every requirement in every price and quality rating.
In Kava Dôpon you will find a variety of distinguished beverage and wine labels, both Greek and international.


Cava Diapon - Cava Drop - Wine & liquor Shop
National Lefkimmi Channels
Tel: 26610 22422