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The Kapodistria Museum opens up for the public at 16 October 2017


Τthe Kapodistrias Museum opens! The inauguration of the Museumthe President of the Republic, Mr Prokopios Pavlopoulos, will perform the AE.

For the first week running, Monday 16 to Sunday 22 October, we are waiting for you free entrance from 10: 00 to 16: 00!

The President of the Republic, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, will visit Corfu on Sunday 15 October 2017 for the opening of the Museum with a limited number of guests and at the same time he will attend the honorary events of the same day for Ioannis Kapodistrias co-organized under his auspices, by the Ionian Islands Region and the Kapodistrias Museum.


Kapodistria Museum The Governor 's House Corfu


The Kapodistria Museum is the only museum devoted to the life, work and depot of John Capodistrias, the great Corfiot diplomat and politician, the first Governor of Greece.

The Museum offers visitors the unique opportunity to explore the history of Corfu, Europe of 19 century and modern Greece. The museum is housed in the country house of the family, Koukouritsa, in a beautiful garden with great views.


Kapodistria Museum The Governor 's House Corfu


The Kapodistrias Museum can be seen:

The country house of the Kapodistria family
Personal items by I. Kapodistria, as well as books, maps and more.
Honorary gifts received by the Governor, such as medals, religious images, as well as objects from his career in the court of Tsar Alexandros I '
Artwork, furniture and household goods of the Governor and his family
A rich digital archive gathering evidence for his life and work, with access to historical evidence from all over Europe


Kapodistria Museum The Governor 's House Corfu


Η visit the Kapodistria Museum offers a trip to the history of Corfu, Europe and modern Greece. THE Ioannis Kapodistrias, Corfiot aristocrat, European diplomat, and first governor of the Greek state, has carved through his life the course of this journey.


Permanent Exhibition on the life and work of Ioannis Kapodistrias
In the new Permanent Exhibition you will see personal items and souvenirs of John Kapodistrias from his political career as well as furniture and artwork of his family. The exhibition is also enriched with digital media that highlight the life, the heritage and the multifaceted work of this great politician.


Working hours
(valid from October 16 2017)

Tuesday - Sunday: 10: 00 - 16: 00
Monday: closed
* Last entry: 30 minutes before closing the Museum.

The Museum remains closed all official holidays


General Entry: 5 €


Decreased entry: 3 €
students or students of tertiary institutions
Guided Schools
holders of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
holders of the European Youth Card
people over 65 years
groups of 8 people and above (3 € / person)
School group entrance: 1 € / person
group study visit with a special guided tour


Free entrance:
children and young people up to 18 years
members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and / or the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) by demonstrating their identity
licensed guides by showing their identity
escorts-teachers at school and institution visits
journalists by demonstrating their identity
members of the Friends of the Kapodistria Museum and the Friends of the Society
people with disabilities and their escort
unemployed citizens by showing an active OAED card


Acoustic Guide
The Museum provides each visitor with the ability to use an audio guide. The acoustic guides of the permanent exhibition are available in four languages ​​(Greek, English, Russian, French).


sightseeing tour
Private or group tours are available in different languages. For a private guided tour, contact the Museum directly. For scheduled group tours, check the Museum's "news" regularly, or subscribe to the newsletter to get notifications.


Kapodistria Museum The Governor 's House Corfu


The visit to the Museum is surrounded by the beauty and the coolness of the lush garden, the cobbled paths and the excellent view of the sea, the mountains of Epirus and the city of Corfu.

The museum's garden and museum shop is free of charge.


The Museum has
The Museum has 6 free parking spaces within the property and just 50 meters from the main entrance. Priority is given to people with disabilities.
More and larger vehicles can be parked outside the main entrance of the estate. Access from the main entrance of the property to the Museum is through a paved, private road (length 120 meters).


We'll let you know as soon as it works.


At the Museum you will be able to buy items related to John Capodistrias and Corfu. Here you will find gift items, publications, souvenirs, writing articles as well as artworks. All your purchases support the Museum.


The toilets of men and women are inside the building. There are also toilets for the disabled, just opposite the entrance to the building, which also includes a baby changing room.


The Museum is allowed

- Visitors:
Photographs of the museum's exhibition and garden are permitted. You are not allowed to use a selfie stick inside the building for safety reasons.
We would ask you to share your photos with us, the social network accounts of the Museum (facebook, instagram, etc), and use the hashtags #Cmuseum, #koukouritsa, #Capodistrias

- Professional photography:
The Kapodistria Museum allows professional photography in the surrounding area of ​​the Museum and in the gardens, after granting a permit. We are particularly interested in promoting the Museum through location managers. If you are interested, please contact the Museum's address.

Dogs are allowed in the garden of the Museum, provided they are accompanied and on a leash. Pets are not allowed inside the building, except for escort dogs.


The Museum, at its inception, designs various activities on its premises, including:

• Group excursions to the exhibition and the garden
• Educational programs for families, children and schools
• Cultural events in the garden
• Scientific programs for the study of the work of I. Kapodistrias


More information about your visit to the Museum you will find on our website, www.capodistriasmuseum.gr