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Yoga & SoundHealing Corfu


Seminar: Gratitude and SoundHealing, 22 with 26 / 9 / 2017


RETREAT IN CORFU 22-26 September


Gratitude to me is a hymn to life with constant thanks! It is the ideal way that all of us deserve, against the misery and negativity that is diffused today in our world. We were born on this planet to experience happiness and love. The Value of Gratitude is powerful because it activates serotonin and dopamine, endorphins that produce in our brain positive emotions to such an extent that the result is to experience unlimited happiness. In this retreat-seminar, our ultimate goal is to fill with the exalted energy of this great power and become Oceans of Gratitude, eliminating within us any useless and negative energy that is an obstacle to our spiritual evolution.


Yoga & SoundHealing Corfu


1: First Day: Gratitude for ourselves
2: Second Day: Gratitude for our Relationships
3. Third Day: Gratitude for Nature
4. Fourth day: Gratitude for matter
5. Fifth day: Ratza-yoga philosophy at no cost




The seminar includes:
1: Six hours of gratitude exercises daily in all actions (self-relationships-nature-matter-money)

2: Workshops with vision and meditation

3: Techniques to develop our self-esteem and improve our relationships

4: Discover our limited beliefs and replace them with new ones

5: Silent walks and deeper communication with nature

6: Gong and meditation with sounds

7: A mini-trip to nature-visit to the estate of a Shaman-who will reveal many secrets to nature.

8: Music nights and artistic expressions of your talents

9: Spiritual games and many other surprises!

The seminar will be held in a beautiful and comfortable villa in Halikounona, 500 just meters from the beach.


Yoga & SoundHealing Corfu


The retreat in order to fill us with even more gratitude and magic will be framed with music to beautify our meditations and melody our musical evenings. Birgit Reimer, an excellent talented musician and soundhealer, will play for us violin, flute, singing and crystal bowls, cosmos-gong, ocean and shamanic drum and other musical instruments through which we will travel to dream worlds!
The retreat will start Friday at 2 o'clock and end on Tuesday afternoon.
Come to our beautiful spiritual companions to praise life through the magical power of gratitude!


Yoga & SoundHealing Corfu


For those who have difficulty attending the seminar for all four days, they can watch it for the first two days.
For more information visit our site:
You see in the Gratitude window


Seminar teacher: Rumko Tania
Musician and soundhealer: Birgit Reimer


Contact us at: 6981091261
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript enabled to view it.